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My Mission is "To Empower People with Property Investment Knowledge, creating a Life of Choices."

Having struggled financially, I immersed myself in Personal Development, especially honing my Property Investment knowledge. Years down the road, Property Investing allowed me to reverse my plights, achieving Financial Stability. You may find out more of my Story in the video below.

Today, I wish to inspire others with my story and allow others who are struggling like I was, to model after my successes.

As a seasoned Property Investor and Real Estate Consultant, I am passionate to share how one can use their hard-earned money to make money work harder for them (through investing in properties).



Property Investor

Since 2013

Real Estate Consultancy

Since 2009 | ERA, DWG, PropNex, OrangeTee & Tie

Public Speaker/ Trainer

Since 2018


4 Condominums

2006, 2013, 2014, 2020

2 Industrial Properties


1 UK Property


1 5-Bedroom Freehold Landed


Awards Won

Happy Clients

Portfolios Done

Properties Transacted


Private Property Rental and Sales

Full sales and purchase process for Apartments and Landed Houses

Property Coach

Consultations to close up knowledge gaps and get an alignment between spouses

HDB Rental and Sales

Full sales and purchase process for HDB Flats

Full Consultation and Mentorship

Consultations and walkthroughs every step of your way

Customised Services and Solutions

Customised solutions based on your financial budget and needs

Capital Appreciation Strategies

Proven strategies to choose the right properties for capital appreciation



Consultation and full analysis with you and your partner to understand the current situation, financial abilities and goals. 



Developing Game Plans and concrete Road Maps for you to accumulate your financial wealth.



Transactions of Properties and after-services to maximise your capital gains.

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  • 60 Minute One-on-One Personal Consultation
  • Game Plans catered to your financial abilities and goals
  • Learnings and Insights from REAL LIFE Case Studies
  • In-depth Analysis on the BEST Properties to invest in for greatest gain
  • Common Misconceptions and Mistakes on Property Investing and how to AVOID them
  • 3 Step ABC Formula to Purchase and Profit From Properties WITHOUT Touching Your Savings





What Clients Thought?

My Husband and I landed our dream home at the Treasure Crest EC some 3 years ago, which could not have been possible without Tracy's help. Being seemingly above market condition always, Tracy was able to advise us appropriately and timely. We eventually settled on the property which was a value buy at that time. We trust our purchase would appreciate in time and again, kudos to Tracy for her realistic projections. We owe her a big favour without a doubt!


-- Kelly Goh --

Thank you Tracy and Chris for making the purchase such a wonderful experience. Sophia Hill will be our new home, a new beginning filled with many possibilities. And you have a part to play in our family future because of this. Both of you have been most professional, sincere and relational, with a spirit of excellence and care for people. Keep up the great work in helping many others to find and buy their homes. Wishing u both every success in your work.


-- Mr & Mrs Yii --

Thank you Tracy for being a fabulous consultant! Although it is not absolutely necessary for a real estate consultant to do so, you have helped us with planning our finances when we purchased our new condo, being with us every step of the way to help us obtain our new property with ease and peace of mind. We can see that you are very dedicated to your work and hence trust that you have our best interest when handling our projects. We strongly recommend Tracy's services for those who are looking for someone to handle all matters to do with property.


-- The Kangs --

First-Time Property Owners

Ying Ting & Yong Whee

"Tried 9 Times in 3 Years. Stuck with Disappointment Until We Met Tracy"

Prior meeting Tracy, Ying Ting & Yong Whee was stuck in the BTO Cycle, failing 9 times in 3 years to secure a HDB flat.
Upon consulting Tracy, Tracy guided the couple on the exact steps needed to purchase a property in Singapore. 
Tracy customised solutions for the couple based on their financial resources and needs, introducing to them their best-suited properties with the best financial gains.
With Tracy's experience, transparency, and sincerity, the couple purchased their First Property in "The Florence Residences".

Property Owners

Dorothy & Joseph

"Good Investment, Instead of Emotional Impulse"

Not all properties are alike, and it took Dorothy & Joseph an expensive lesson to realise that when they purchased their first property out of emotional impulse.

In their second property, the couple approached Tracy's help in selecting the right property for the best investment opportunities, and the required steps to getting it.

Tracy ensured a smooth transition from the couple's sale of their house, to their purchase of a new house.

TOP Consultation Session

Han Ting


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Tracy Ong Hui Jing

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